Thursday, 12 March 2015

Homemade : Soap

If you saw the homemade bath bomb post I did on Tuesday, you'll know I'm making my mum some bits and bobs for mother's day on sunday and today I made the next thing for her little basket of goodies I'm constructing!

Homemade Soap!

Here's what you'll need this time:

1. Soap base - Hobbycraft £5.39 for 1kg
(I wanted a white base but got a clear one because that's all they had)
2. Surgical Spirit - £1.80 From the local pharmacy
3. Spray Bottle 
4. Fragrance/essential oils of your choice 
(I'm using the same ones that I used for my Bath bombs)
5. Decoration - Blue Malva Flowers £3.29 
(and the rose buds I used for the Bath Bombs) 
6. A Soap Mould - I'm just using some ramekins I had in the kitchen.
7. Coloured dye (optional, I'm not using any)

Here's what you do:
  • Depending on the size of your moulds you're using, cut out some of your soap base with a kitchen knife. Don't worry if you don't cut enough to begin with, you can always add more.
  • Melt the soap base in the microwave, I do quick 15 seconds bursts and then check on it. Keep doing 15 seconds until the soap has become fully liquid. If you over heat it, it may discolour, so be careful!
  • Once melted add your fragrance and essential oils. I didn't measure mine, I just added each until I thought it smelled how I wanted it to. Mix thoroughly to spread evenly. This is when you'd add your colour if you wanted to.
  • Next, I poured a thin layer of soap in the bottom of my mould, I then stuck the rose buds in facing down.

Once you've fully covered the bottom of the mould with the rose buds, fill the rest of the mould with your soap solution.
  • Now using the spray bottle filled with the surgical spirit, spray the top of the soap. It's to remove any bubbles.
  • Leave until fully set.
  • Once done carefully remove from the mould.
If you're not planning on using the soap pretty much immediately I would suggest wrapping it up in cling film or in tupperware so it doesn't get wet.

 And you're done! 

I also did the same thing again but instead of the rose buds used the Malva flowers, these flowers actually dyed the soap blue so I'm not sure whether they will dye your hands slightly if you use it. I'll just have to warn my mum before using this one!

That's it, simple!

These make really nice, quick, easy and quite cheap gifts! Perfect for the likes of Mother's day!

What do you think? Will you be giving this a go?
Do you ever make your own soap?

As always, Thank you for Reading!
Birds in Blossom x

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