Sunday, 5 January 2014

REVIEW | Jimmy Choo Exotic

I decided to do a review of this because I  wear it almost every day and it is by far my favourite perfume.

It's the Limited Edition Jimmy Choo Exotic Perfume, and it's not cheap, this particular bottle was bought for me as a Christmas present and cost around £70. Though I think if you shop about a bit online you can get 100ml for about £50-60, still by no standards cheap! 

I first bought it when in an airport duty-free shop, I got the 60ml bottle for about £36 (I think), but I fell in love instantly! It was only when I ran out of it did I realise it was a limited edition, so you can no longer get it in stores or even duty-free stores (I checked), it's exclusively online as far as I know.

As for the scent, it's so fruity! Exactly what I want in a perfume, as I'm really not a fan of strongly floral scented perfumes. But with this you immediately smell blackcurrant, a very subtle hint of grapefruit and perhaps raspberry? Whatever it is, it's an intoxicating combination, and then as it fades I think there are slight floral undertones. 

For me it's a long lasting fragrance that I don't often have to reapply once I've put it on. When I wear this, I constantly get compliments on how lovely I smell, which is so nice, and it also indicates to me that the sillage (how much the scent lingers/travels in the air around you) is quite large. The bottle and packaging are really rather stylish, I love the snake skin pattern with it's colour scheme of black, white and a bright hot pink. As for the bottle, it fits nicely in your hand when you're trying to use it, I have had one or two perfumes in the past that were quite an awkward shape.

Though this is pricey it does last me quite a long time, so for me, I can justify the cost and the fact I love it so much! I would definitely recommend this perfume if like me you prefer fruitier scents, BUT if you haven't had the chance to smell this in person, due to it's cost, it could be quite a risk buying this online on a whim, so be careful!

Keep smiling,
Birds in Blossom x


  1. It's really annoying when companies make something so good and then decide to discontinue it! What is limited edition?! Annoying, heart breaking, etc etc! haha!
    As you can tell it frustrates me! :P At least youv've managed to find it online :)
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    1. Tell me about it!
      And since it's limited, the price just seems to be getting higher and higher every time I need a new bottle, I dread the day I go online and it's nowhere to be found!

      Birds in Blossom x