Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Just Some Good Ol' New Years Resolutions.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I hope those of you who went out are managing to nurse hangovers effectively (how many of you have a resolution to 'NEVER drink again' I wonder?).

Anyway I thought I'd just start the year by sharing my new years resolutions with the internet. Most of them are just your plain, same old stuff but there is one that slightly out of the ordinary, at least I think so, and I really am going to try to work at it because it could, if it works, be really good for me.

Here, I'll list them:

Eat healthier! (surprise, surprise!)

My diet is so, so bad at the minute, full of junk food, sugary snacks and fizzy drinks, it's doing my physical and mental health no favours and is in MAJOR need of sorting out!

More Exercise! (another shocker)

I was going the gym regularly (and lost a stone in 3 weeks!!) just before the summer, but I've piled it all back on, and then some, since July and I'm just not feeling good about myself, so exercise (and a healthy balanced diet) will help me get back into shape. I'd like to say that I'm not aiming to be a skinny minnie, just a more toned version of my self, I am a naturally er... bulkier? girl, meaning I have always have muscular thighs and slightly broader shoulders than other girls but I've never really minded that everyone has a different body style, I just say I have a amazonian build (without the height though!).

Save money more efficiently

With money I am lucky to have very supportive parents, but now I'm out living with my boyfriend I have to be much more careful with my spending as I can't just ask for a quick loan from the olds. Last year I did manage to save a couple hundred over a few months but then I had to dip into it one time and it was like the floodgates opened and it was all gone over a single weekend (whoops!), that's also something that falls under this as well, not spending so frivarously that is. I have a terrible habit to go out for a particular item and end up on a full blown shopping spree!

Be more resourceful!

By this I mean that I really should make more things myself- DIY all the way! This was really brought to light over Christmas when I spent £500+ on presents for people when I know that I have the skill and the creativity to make things for people that are just as nice, if not better, a fraction of the cost, and in my opinion much more thoughtful/meaningful (and thanks to Pinterest I have thousands of ideas to work with!).

Be more organised!

I am actually gradually getting better at this, but I'm still occasionally forgetting deadlines for university assignments, losing important documents or missing appointments, oopsy daisy. I think my room also falls under this, two of us share a room (me and the boyfriend) we are still, sort of, in the early days of living together but it's constantly a mess and things are getting broken or lost so I need to implement some kind of organisation here, though getting him to follow them will be a challenge in itself!!

Last but not least, the one I think is not quite your usual resolution...

Take more selfies!

Okay, so it's no ground breaking idea, but for me, it's a HUGE ask!
This resolution stems from me being terribly camera shy, I'm always that girl that dodges the camera like it's a loaded gun, and I'll usually avoid being in photos by offering to be the person to take the picture. To most people you probably wouldn't think being camera shy is such a big deal, but for myself, it's such a sad thing, I mean I can look back over years of photos of holidays or outings with friends/family and not find a SINGLE one with me in it, and it can sort of feel like I'm not part of the memory. There are so few photos of me in existence and so I have decided to be brave and try to take photos of myself more often, especially if I'm out and about with friends or family, you know, start being a presence in the more physical aspect of memories.
I also want to see if this can boost my confidence a little because it's been pretty darn low these last few years, mostly being a self-esteem thing, and though it's seems a simple ordinary thing to just feel comfortable in front of a camera and happily be in photo, I know it would make such a difference to me.

That's it really for resolutions for now, though I may think of a few more in the days to come, but you should never be too critical of yourself (advice I really need to take) as you'll find yourself fretting over little things and it can make you miss out on living life! At times you just need to be you and love yourself for just that.

Here's a selfie I've just taken to get myself started, and yes, I AM THE HAMBURGLAR!

Keep smiling!
BirdsinBlossom x

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