Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Film Review : 50 Shades Of Grey

First things first. I've wanted to start reviewing films on here for a while and since revamping my blog, I feel now is the best time... though the choice of the first film isn't ideal as it is not to my taste, it is one that is a huge talking point right now and I wanted to share my opinions on it.

So 50 Shades of Grey.

The reason and only reason I watched this film is because of the hype about it. I haven't read the books and knew virtually nothing about the plot other than I thought the two main characters hooked up in a sexual way.
I didn't really have any intentions to watch this but everyone I knew was talking about it and there are controversies surrounding this film, both of which I wanted to form an opinion on.

So I watched it yesterday and... I really did not enjoy it.
It was so bland and really poorly written. Also, the characters, particularily the girl made little sense.

!! Oh, I better say this now THERE MAY BE SPOILERS! Probably no major ones, but some minor plot details may be shared. !!

Anyway, the whole film was so poorly written it felt like something a 14-year old fantasizing girl would write (minus the whole BDSM thing), like some serious fan fiction about a teacher or something. It is so awful.
It was one of those films were you knew what dialogue was going to go down before it happened, word for word. It was that bad. 
It just felt so unoriginal and boring. 

Also, I didn't watch the film for the sexy scenes but prior to watching it I imagined it would just be the occasional boob shot and shadowy sexual positions, which I was mostly right about, you see a lot of butt too. So nothing too bad if you find yourself like me wanting to see what the fuss is about but not really wanting to watch a bloomin' soft porn!

As for the characters, I felt Anastasia Steele, the leading lady, her personality made NO SENSE. At all!

Okay, so you get the impression she's this virginal hopeless romantic who is waiting for the right guy to sweep her off her feet but is still an intelligent independent woman who doesn't feel the need for a man, which is unoriginal, but fine for purposes of this story. The problem begins when she meets this Mr. Grey and then her personality goes out the window and on a long holiday. She becomes some super horny seductive tease who is fine with rampant casual sex with a guy she met like 10 minutes ago?! It's not like it's an impossible scenario, it just felt so random when watching it and so badly written (I'm sorry that I keep saying it but it's the truth!).
It just doesn't feel natural at all.

As for this Christian Grey....

First... for casting A+. Jamie Dornan has a nice face. Good job.
But Mr. Grey is just your typically (female) written dominant male who a leading often more timid female pursues. Also throw in the stereotypical main characters dynamic of the dominant male admitting that something he does with the leading female character he has 'never done with anyone before, EVER.', YAWN!

He is clearly a character that's only purpose is to be desirable to women. He's super rich, he's hot, of course he plays the piano... blah blah blah.

Nothing to keep you truly interested if you ask me.
Except Jamie Dornan of course... with his nice face and all that.

As for the controversy surrounding the glorification of abuse... I didn't get that vibe.
Yeah he's 'punishing' her and whatever, but everything in they did was entirely consensual for what I saw and she even told him what she thought wasn't okay.
Sure there was a little manipulation and bribing with gifts but I don't see that as something that she felt she owed him for.

Though I'll admit he was super possessive over her with other men, that was a bit much.

Overall it is NOT a film I would ever usually watch and is certainly not one I would recommend you waste your time on. The hype is over absolutely nothing.

LAST THING!! As I was finishing this post up I checked the 50 shades Wikipedia to see if I missed any points I wanted to make and I saw that this whole series actually started out as a TWILIGHT FAN FICTION!?!?! 
I totally get it now! It's all come together! The awful unoriginal writing all makes sense! We can pack our bags and go home satisfied that the mystery is solved.

Well except the mystery of...

How on earth did this series get so darn popular?!
One of the true mysteries of this modern age.

Have you seen the film or even read the books, any thoughts?
Are the books badly written too or is that just how it's portrayed in the film?
Do you think it glorifies abuse?

As always, thanks for reading!
Birds in Blossom x

P.S. this was a really weird post to write, never thought I'd actually end up watching that film, never mind writing about it... ever.

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