Thursday, 12 February 2015

Hair Ideas 2015

Ugh!.... I get like this every couple of months, I get the need to change my hair and this involves a lot of umming and ahhing which usually results to nothing.

Alas, it's happening again and this time I really do want change as my hair is just so dull and flat and blah. Y'know?
Right now, I have mid length flat medium brown hair that's just between the shoulders and boob area and a long grown out side fringe thingy going on, so it's about 4 inches shorter than the rest of my hair and it does nothing, it's so dull.

My query this time is whether to change it by cutting it shorter or dyeing it or just looking into new styles to try out.

Thing is, I want to grow it out and have been trying to for so long, meaning cutting it isn't preferable and my dream hairstyle is long and wavy, and to achieve that I just have to wait and grow it. But some longer bobs just look so darn cute!

As for dyeing it... a few years ago I dyed my hair very bright ginger and then once I got bored of that to get rid of it took a lot of effort and it's only recently in the last 6 months gone back to my naturally colour and fully healthy. The only thing I would do to my hair now in regards to dyeing it is ombre... but that feels too overdone, like everyone and their cat has ombre, I absolutely love it but I hate seeming like I'm jumping on a bandwagon or following a trend.

So to new styles. I have a few celeb style icons I look to for hair styles who have a hair type and style similar to mine, like Lily Collins (uh, talk about a celeb crush!) and Jenna Coleman, and by just looking at them I get loads of ideas, but it's the time and effort to style, especially curl and wave my naturally VERY straight hair.

Ultimately I don't think I'm going to cut it, as my hair is just starting to grow properly. I may ombre it but very subtly so a ash blonde to light brown rather than bright or light blonde. I am definitely going to try new styles on the hair I have now though... maybe that's all it needs.

*Sigh* I'm so indecisive when it comes to hair.
I'll just sit and look at my dream hairstyles and weep.


Ohh... maybe a wavy perm!
I need to stop.

Anybody else thinking about changing their hair? Do you go through these hair boredom phases?

Thanks for reading as always!
Birds in Blossom x

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  1. These are all great hair ideas! Short and curly hair is indeed becoming a fashion statement nowadays. We can see most of the celebrity women are sporting this kind of hairstyle, and I'm sure many of their fans wanting to have the same styles too. Thanks for sharing these inspirations, Becky!

    Renee May @ Virgin Hair Fixx