Friday, 20 February 2015

This Week's Grumble : Door Numbers

This week's grumble is Door Numbers.

Now this may not be a thing that has ever bothered you, and it may never do so, but it bothers me on a near daily basis.

This is due to me working as a night shift delivery driver for a major pizza delivery (yes, probably the one you're thinking of), its an easy job, flexible hours (perfect for a full time student) and I get great tips. So, I deliver a lot of pizzas to a lot of houses. One thing I have noticed, since starting this job last October, is that many people think it's acceptable to not have a visible door number.

Okay, so this isn't so bad if it's just the one house on the street as you can just look at next door's number and figure it out easy enough. HOWEVER, when the whole street is in on the act, then the struggle becomes real.

Do you not want your pizza? What is wrong with you!?

The guessing game begins. You can try to count the houses from the beginning of the street, but from experience... it rarely works. It's also doubly hard as I work night shifts, its dark so visibility is low and some of the areas I deliver to are not exactly posh so sometimes I can feel a little uneasy. You just want to deliver the food and get off. But no. That's too easy. 

People obviously want you to guess, I suppose.

Every delivery driver of every type, including post people, will appreciate it!

Though if you have one of these:

I thank you. Some streets don't have a clear name post and your sign makes my life easier.

And if you have one of these:

You are a shining beacon of humanity. I applaud you. 
This is like a silver lining in a cloud of darkness, even if its not your home I'm delivering to you help me orientate myself. I love you. Seriously, I LOVE YOU.

If you have one of these however:

So close... Yet so, so far. *sighs forever*

Sorry if that was boring or weird for you, but alas, it's one of the first world problems I find affects me most, that and when the laptop charger is more than an arm's length away.

Thanks for reading!
Birds in Blossom x

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