Sunday, 8 February 2015

This Week on Instagram : 08.02.15

I thought I'd start summarising my week on Instagram on here, mainly to reflect and also to share my favourite photos of the week on my blog!

This week I've not really been up to much, had a few university deadlines, been to a few lectures, dealt with a bit of snow. Once the work was done I had a bit of a doodle (the baby elephant pic) and as a well done for completing the coursework for the deadlines I treated myself to something I have wanted for over a year now, the Fujifilm instax camera 8 (I'll have a review up about it soon, once I've had enough of a play about with it!) its pricey but I have been saving up. 

I've been working out alot recently and I've found the 3 minute belly blitz DVD to be a great workout (though I don't know who the woman on the front is really!).

I think I'll try to make this a weekly thing, most likely on a Sunday, but I don't always post much on Instagram so that's not a set in stone thing.
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Thanks for reading!
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