Friday, 6 February 2015

Return to Blogging?

So... Ahem... Yeah. I want to start blogging again. After failing miserably last year, and you may notice the other apparent return to blogging announcement was only two posts ago, so that clearly went well...

I did really enjoy blogging, but life got super busy and then the blog kind of drifted to the back of my mind for a while, especially after getting a job along with dealing with university. 

 Recently though I've really wanted to start back up, I enjoy sharing things on this blog and I really want to utilise it as a tool to build my self confidence. So I've given the blog a tinsey face lift, made it a bit more fresh looking and added a simple banner. Also I'm going to change the font I use for posts but I can't be bothered changing the old ones so that might look weird but I apologise! 

Anyway yeah, I may stick to this (I hope!) or I may not, no pressure, but keep a look out for posts and I love getting helpful tips and advice so feel free to comment anything below about blogging or tips for keeping it up! 

My first tip to myself (which I have started doing!) is to make a list of the posts you want to write and just work through them! Simples!

So fingers crossed I do keep it up!
Thanks for reading,
Birds in Blossom x

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