Wednesday, 11 February 2015

This Week's Grumble: Twitter Locked My Account

Okay, so if you are unaware, to grumble is to complain... and I am someone who dabbles in complaining. Quite often.

So to self counsel myself I'll blog the thing that has bothered me most that particular week, to get it off my chest. It may not be a every week thing, I don't always have something to complain about, but when I do, I will.

This week's Grumble... Twitter Locking my Account.

So yeah I tried to tweet out my blog post on university, but no, apparently it violated twitters rules by seeming automated?! Psssh.

If this happens you see this pop up on your feed:

Okay, whatever, I could deal with that, if it means less spam for me in the long run I don't mind having to deal with things like this...


I wouldn't have minded it, yet when I clicked the 'unlock my account' button, it takes you to a screen where you put in your mobile number to get a verification code, I did this, got the code and typed it in... and the account unlocked! BUT wait, I try to tweet a normal text tweet, no links or even hashtags, and BAM! I get the Your account has been locked message again and it wants my phone number again.

Now this same scenario happens a few times and then it tells me I have exceeded the amount of times I can recieve a verification code. Brilliant, a twitter black out for me then. 
All I was trying to do was advertise my blog on my own feed a little, Jeez.

Maybe I just needed to wait for the unlocking to be officiated, but surely once you have verified it that should be enough.

I think I have managed to get fully unlocked but it took hours! It should definitely be an automatic thing!

Anyone else experienced this? 

Thanks for reading my little rant!
Birds in Blossom x

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