Wednesday, 25 February 2015

This Week on Instagram : 25.02.15

This week I've not been up to much, just working on my dissertation mostly.

I did nip to IKEA and M&S to buy some indoor plants (the cacti are from Ikea and the Succulent from M&S).

Been thinking about this summer and the holiday destinations I may visit, I've also reminisced about my trip to NYC over Christmas with the boyfriend. I just love traveling so much!

One thing I have been pondering is the blog and if it's worth advertising it more on my social sites and that, I'd love more interaction and comments but first you need people to actually find and read your blog... I think that's were I struggle, I don't really like advertising my blog but I want to advertise it, so it's a bit of a rock and a hard place scenario. I do tweet a link occasionally and have posted the picture you see in the middle on instagram, but that's all I do... I will figure something more out eventually. 

I'm not blogging to have a popular blog, I'm just blogging for me so ultimately it's not important but I was just curious.
Anyone got any advice?

The next few weeks are going to be nuts work wise as my dissertation is in next month! Scary stuff!

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Thank you for reading sweetheart!
Birds in Blossom x


  1. Oh, I Like your blog and your style of writing! Also I’d like to say that you have beautiful photos! Great job! I know that it requires so much time to update blog, but keep doing it!)
    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

    1. Thank you so much. Your blog is just so pretty, Talk about blog goals! Thanks for the comment!

      Birds in Blossom x